Face Mask Refreshing Spray
Face Mask Refreshing Spray

Face Mask Refreshing Spray

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Enjoy freshness in every breath you take with our invigorating and purifying Face Mask Refreshing Spray. Wearing a face mask can help you and loved ones stay safe and healthy, but the air you breathe in can get stale.. Our refreshing mask spray is enriched with relaxing, odor-combatting lavender essential oil and clarifying tea tree essential oil, so you can feel revitalized, relaxed, and reinvigorated while breathing comfortably—no matter how long your mask stays on for the day. Just a spritz of this exhilarating spray will soothe the mind and deliver irresistible, long-lasting freshness to your senses.

How to Use:

Mist  Face Mask Refreshing Spray directly onto the inside or outside of your reusable mask.

Key Ingredients: 

Lavender Essential Oil – Calms the senses and soothes the mind

Tea Tree Essential Oil – Refreshes and eliminates odors and impurities

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