Jewish as a Second Language
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Jewish as a Second Language

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By: Molly Kratz

Written to help her Gentile husband and others like him who fall for believing a Jewish mother-in-law when she says, "Don't bother driving me, I'll take a cab," Jewish as a Second Language shows how to be one of the family--how to worry, how to interrupt, how to change your hotel room. This book teaches you that Jewish language is about the complex twists and somersaults of everyday speech, of unexpected nuances, hidden meanings. The things non-Jews do for fun and what Jews do: Contra dance/Contradict, Read the comics/Read the obituaries, Get your boobs done/Get your taxes done. Stuff never found in a Jewish home (trout flies, a lineoleum knife, a Lay-Z-Boy, a rottweiler) or mouth (Miracle Whip, marshmallow fluff, Bud).So sit, read, and laugh until you're nauseous. It's a nice book. 

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