Sunflower Small Bowl
Sunflower Small Bowl
Sunflower Small Bowl
Sunflower Small Bowl
Michael Aram

Sunflower Small Bowl

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The Sunflower Collection captures the radiant beauty and energy of its namesake. It’s hard not to smile looking at sunflowers, with their ridiculously bright and happy faces. Turning towards the sun, as though to remind the rest of us to look towards the light and be forever optimistic.

“Last year I planted sunflowers in my garden, watching them evolve from seedlings to fully grown. Only when they blossomed did I remember why they are called girasol in French (sun turning). My neighbors got to enjoy the blooms while I got to understand that, from whatever perspective, sunflowers make me smile.” -Michael Aram


  • 4”H
  • 6” Dia.
  • 20 Oz.
  • Hand Textured Stainless Steel
  • Natural Brass

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