Universal Stone
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Universal Stone

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Remove stubborn stains

Lifts crayon and permanent marker from many surfaces. Removes lime and hard water deposits, grease, and those hard to clean stains.


Easily dissolves grease and cleans kitchen furniture, sinks, taps, counters, backsplash, cupboards, refrigerators, enamel, ceramic & glass stove-tops, ovens and cookware.


Clean lime-scale and soap-scum from sinks, showers, shower doors, tiles, grout, toilets and bathtubs.

Around the house

Clean windows, blinds, sealed wood surfaces, fine silverware or jewellery.

In the garage

Sporting equipment, golf and tennis shoes, garden furniture, BBQs. Detail cars, boats and RVs, inside and out, including windshields and vinyl.

More uses

Trophies, musical instruments, the list is endless!

Made from all-natural ingredients

Soap flakes, green soap, vegetable oils, glycerine, clay, natural lemon oils.

Allergy and asthma tested

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